A Magnetic Drive Pump – The Science Behind It

In the industrial sector, often there arises the demand for low maintenance and maximum efficiency pumps. These are the magnetic drive pumps which are centrifugal pumps without a seal. They use coaxial magnetic coupling so that torque gets transferred to an impeller. The pumps are quite efficient in terms of energy used and can work on a great variety of fluids like oils, caustics and acids. The cost of a mag drive pump is often much higher than the ordinary centrifugal pumps.

The Features and Uses

The magnetic pumps find application in a variety of industries like agriculture, beverage industry, chemical processing, and refineries. Other industrial sectors owned by the government also use a magnetic drive pump. The pumps are absolutely leak proof but do not work well when materials of high viscosity are used. Even they are not good with solid content. The pumps are not designed keeping in mind the conventional shaft coupling method, as a result of which the casing in the pump is absolutely sealed from the drive end. This is the reason why in the absence of any mechanical seal feature, there is no leakage. There is also no failure or production loss. As these pumps are leak proof and are away from the common issues of contamination, they are largely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They are also used to transport expensive chemicals and materials which might cause a danger.

With the help of a mag drive pump, one can also ensure there is no slipping. With the help of these kinds of pumps, full horsepower can be transformed to pumping power. Global Pumps

The Materials Used to Make the Pumps

A mag drive pump has as its internal section, high-grade plastics, ceramics and metals. The range of temperature on which these pumps will function will depend on the material used to make these pumps. There are different kinds of pumps like the ones with the stationary shaft or the rotating shaft. The stationary shaft pumps are used for medium duty applications whereas the rotating shafts are usually meant for heavy-duty functions.

How Do the Mag Drive Pumps Work

A magnetic drive pump makes use of a magnetic field that is balanced to bring about a rotation of the fluid impeller. In the case of a traditional centrifugal pump, a direct drive mechanism is used as there is a drive connection that is direct and is between the impeller and the motor. In the case of the mag drive pumps, there is no need for the direct drive mechanism and it is replaced with a magnetic field. An outer magnetic bell housing is mounted on one end of the pump shaft.

The Maintenance

Before deciding to buy magnetic drive pumps, one should be careful about the maintenance instructions.

  • The fillers should not be placed before the pump inlet.
  • The pump should contain flooded suction.
  • The pump should not be operated against a closed valve for more than 30 seconds.

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