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Bathroom Design Trends to Envy in 2017

In addition to the resale value that you can derive from a professional bathroom remodel, the process generates a new level of comfort in your home. Fortunately, in the era of the internet, it is easy to save as many bathroom designs as possible, which you could implement on your own. In fact, you will notice that as you collect various bathroom designs, some features seem to recur throughout. Be wise to check your space limitations and materials involved. An honest quote from a reliable provider such as CMD Plumbing could further inform your decision.

Determining your bathroom layout

Planning a bathroom on a tight space could be tricky, which is why you need the help of an expert designer. For instance, if you are the only person using the bathroom, you will not need many baths and in some cases, you can do without a bathtub. In that situation, you could utilize the extra space for a larger storage cabinet or a double vanity. However, an expert in bathroom renovation, such as CMD Plumbing, should inform this decision.

Conversely, you should include at least one tub in the house, especially when you would like to sell the property in future. In most cases, a combination of bathtub and shower is preferable to open showers. For a large family, it is advisable to separate the sink from the toilet and shower area for use at different times.

Finally, yet importantly, it is advisable to observe the planning code as provided by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Reliable bathroom contractors such as CMD Plumbing often know about that quite well.

Adding more bathroom storage

Some homeowners may argue that adding more storage space could lead to inflated bathroom renovation costs. However, bigger vanities are better because bathroom storage is always in high demand. You, therefore, need a contractor who can come up with creative ideas to add more space to your bathroom.

For instance, you could come up with double vanities, wall-mounted cabinets, built-in designs, and corner cabinets. A good level of organization can help you save space while it adds value to your property. You may want to read more about bathroom renovation quotes here.

Using the right materials in bathroom design

Bathroom layout, as well as storage options, are quite standard so the only thing that could make your bath space stand out is the choice of materials. For example, you could come bring in the varied elegance of tile, due to its wide range of styles and colors. However, you could still include stone or granite for shower areas. Similarly, you could create a unique taste on the cabinet pulls, faucets, and shower heads, which are often available in a variety of finishes.

Decorating your bathroom

Your bath space is not complete without including the décor. In a bathroom renovation project, reliable designers for bathrooms Melbourne has now use the term loosely; small details such as a toilet roll holder could enhance the décor when you choose space wisely. Everything should blend from soap dispensers to toothbrush holders so you can have a coordinated feel.

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