How you can install printer software in short, simple steps

The history of printing dates back to the duplication of images through stamping in early times. Slowly the printing techniques evolved and passed through the stages of woodblock printing, stenciling, rotary press, intaglio, lithography, colour prints, offset press, screen printing and then photocopiers came into being. This was soon followed by thermal printer, laser printer, dot matrix printer, inkjet printer, dye sublimation printers and several others. Printers have become a household equipment today and there is hardly any home or business that doesn’t own a printer. But if you face problems while setting up a printer or when you are not able to install your newly added printer, you will have to set up or replace the printer driver. For this, you will have to find out how to install printer software that is compatible with the Windows version you are presently using.

Establishing the connection:

A computer printer would not be able to function properly unless you know how to install printer software and as well as the drivers properly. In case you have misplaced the CD of the printer, you can get it online and download the drivers to be installed for your printer. You will first have to connect the printer to your PC using either a USB cable, SCSI cable or parallel port cable and then you shall have to connect the power plug to the outlet. If you have a network printer, you shall have to connect the printer to an RJ-45 connection or a wireless network.


Setting up your printer:

Every printer normally comes with the software required for installing the printer on the Windows or any other operating system.

·         Turn on: If you are wondering how to install printer software then, switch on your computer once everything has been plugged in.

·         Insert disk: You will now have to insert the CD that you received with the printer and in case it is not starting by itself, go to the CD drive and tap on the Setup file.

·         Follow: Once you are done, you will have to follow the installation wizard and finally test your printer for ensuring it is running properly.

Installing a printer software without a CD

In case you are installing printer software on your computer that doesn’t come with a CD, you will have to visit the manufacturer’s driver page for choosing your operating system and downloading the drivers for successful installation. Once the printer software is installed, you can use your specific operating system to perform a printing job for verifying whether your printer is working.

Tips to help you further:

If you have a laptop instead of a PC, then the installation of printer software would be quite similar to that of a desktop and you can make use of the above mentioned connections if they are accessible. But it is important to have a printer that is able to connect to various devices wirelessly or via internet for printing.

These simple tips are easy to follow and get your printer in working condition. However, if you face any error, you will have to look for an expert advice on how to install printer software.

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