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Earthmoving equipment and its application in the construction industry

The website shows a list of projects that can be achieved using a range of earthmoving equipment. These include swimming pool excavations or demolitions, drainage trenches, site cleanups, slab preps, general hire, and free fill.

Given the scope of the project involved, only the best tools can help get the job done.

Commonly used earthmoving equipment in the construction industry


Often used in both small and large construction sites, excavators consist of a base cabin and a long arm with a bucket attached to its end. It uses a hydraulic system to excavate, demolish, mine, dredge, grade, landscape, and do heavy lifting among other applications.

The base cabin of an excavator can rotate 360 degrees, allowing the heavy machine to do a variety of work from different angles. It is vital that only a trained and licensed operator controls the excavator.


One of the heavy-duty machines often used in construction sites, a bulldozer is capable of moving huge amounts of dirt or soil. It’s also used for crushing or removing rocks, rough grading, and fine grading.

It features a large metal plate at the front that is moved up or down, especially when digging at a certain depth. You can also move at a limited range of angles powered by the two hydraulic pistons attached to the bulldozer.


On the homepage of, you will see drainage trenches as one of the services offered, which a trencher helps to build. This particular earthmoving machine digs trenches for cabling, drainage, or piping purposes.

There are different trenchers available. What you choose will depend on the application, sturdiness of the surface that needs digging, and the construction requirement.

A trencher has a conveyor system and is generally mounted on wheels or on tracks.

Backhoe Loaders

Also categorized as medium-sized machines, backhoe loaders are used for a wide range of applications, such as digging trenches, excavation works, filling up trenches, lifting materials, and placing pipes, among others. It resembles a farm tractor, with its mobility providing an advantage for use in urban areas.

This tyre-mounted machine comes with a shovel attached at the front and a bucket attached to a jointed arm at the back of the equipment. Some types of backhoe loaders also come with retractable buckets that may be replaced with other equipment used in varying sizes of construction activities. If you need to dig trenches in different widths, for example, backhoe loaders are the heavy machines you can rely on.

Skid-Steer Loaders

These small-sized machines skid on their own axis, making it possible for use in construction sites where space is limited. It can be fitted with different attachments, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, such as compacting soil, excavation works, drilling holes, moving mud or snow, and lifting loads.

Because skid-steer loader’s tyres have tread patterns, it limits soil compaction and has the least amount of impact on finished construction sites.

It’s amazing what these pieces of heavy equipment can achieve in construction work. If you’re interested to hire earthmoving services or the machines alone, visit for contact information.