Road Construction Guidelines: Reinforcing Concrete Driveways with Steel Mesh

Constructing a new concrete driveway will require the use of reinforcements such as steel reinforcing mesh if you want one that will last for years. If you are planning to install a driveway in Australia, make sure you and your trusted contractor will use standard reinforcement and sealing techniques to ensure the durability of your concrete paving. This will not only guarantee a durable driveway but a safe and beautiful one as well. Here are some important points to discuss with your contractor when reinforcing your driveway with steel mesh.

steel reinforcing mesh

Importance of Reinforcing with Steel Mesh

A problem with concrete driveways without reinforcements is its tendency to crack easily with long use and exposure to the elements. Adding steel reo mesh to concrete paving is a guaranteed way to ensure its durability. The reinforcement acts to keep the concrete intact for a long time. Aside from crack width control, the reinforcements welded into rectangular or squares and produced as flat sheets provide tensile strength to withstand pressure and changes in temperature. Rusting of steel mesh reinforcements is prevented when concrete slabs are applied properly.

A concrete driveway sealer will also provide additional support and tensile strength for driveways that cater to heavy traffic. Aside from these, proper placement of joints, preparation of subgrade and sub-base, and application of polyurethane sheets also help increase the durability of your driveway.

Standard Steel Mesh for Driveways

There are different types of mesh used in construction depending on the purpose and size of the concrete paving. The common types used in Australia for driveways are the SL72 with bars measuring 6.75 millimeters in diameter and spaced 200 millimeters. Meanwhile, other contractors opt for type SL82 with bars measuring 7.6 millimeters in diameter spaced 200 millimeters for plain concrete driveways. Furthermore, they also require type SL92 (with a bar diameter of 8.6 millimeters and with a spacing of 200 millimeters) for patterned concrete. The mesh sheets come in the usual size of 6 meters by 2.4 meters.

Reinforcing mesh also includes fiber mesh and wire mesh in rectangular and square grids are commonly used for concrete driveways.

Proper Placement of Steel Mesh

Proper placement of steel reinforcement mesh is critical in ensuring crack control. Usually, two layers of a steel reinforcing mesh are placed to control the crack width and increase load capacity. But, this increases construction costs. If one layer of steel mesh is used to reinforce the driveway, experts recommend its placement at the upper part of the concrete slab where cracks usually originate. It is also common to place the mesh at the middle part of the concrete slab for 4-inch thick driveways. However, cracks usually occur rapidly when the reinforcement layer is placed midway between slabs than when placed on the upper third portion underneath the surface slab.

Supports such as bar supports, chairs, and ties are also essential in limiting the movement and the sagging of your wire mesh once the concrete mixture is applied on the reinforcements. Once the paving is done, the application of a driveway sealer will also reduce cracking.

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