What Is Causing Your AC Unit to Malfunction?

An air conditioning unit is a device that is certainly appreciated by homeowners and business owners alike. Considering the extreme temperatures that Australia experiences all year round, it has actually become an appliance that you can’t bear to be without. But like all machines, it is bound to break down at some point. When this happens, don’t panic. Instead, give a professional technician like the ones at https://allclimates.com.au/ a call and have them check your air conditioning unit at the soonest possible time.


As mentioned, the air conditioning unit has become a valuable appliance in Australia, capable of providing these important benefits:

1) Being exposed to extreme heat and humidity has a profound impact on your ability to be effective, turning the most menial of tasks into an onerous one. Having an air conditioning unit can greatly reduce temperature levels, making the environment cooler which can help enhance your quality of work.

2) Being in an area that has a lower temperature decreases the likelihood of profuse sweating and dehydration.

3. Properly installed air conditioning units can drastically improve air quality inside your home or workplace.

It is inevitable, though, that your air conditioning unit will malfunction. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons why it does and what trained professionals should do:

Refrigerant leaks

If you find that your air conditioner is running low on refrigerant, the most probable causes are either it was undercharged during the installation process or it is leaking. However, adding more refrigerant is not the solution. Highly-trained technicians, like the staff at https://allclimates.com.au/, should first repair the leak before testing the unit. After that, the system should be charged with the right amount of refrigerant. Bear in mind that your air conditioning unit works at its peak when the refrigerant charge matches the specification of the manufacturer. Refrigerant leaks must be avoided, as this is particularly harmful to the environment.

Insufficient maintenance

Grimy air conditioning coils and filters will no doubt lead to your air conditioner becoming faulty. In addition, failing to regularly clean the aforementioned will also lead to the compressor and fans faltering as well.

Failure of electric control

The compressor and fan controls of your air conditioner will wear out, even more quickly when the unit is turned on and off repeatedly. This usually happens when a system is oversized. And, since the corrosion of wire and terminals is also a regular issue in a lot of systems, a technician should make sure to check all electrical connections and contacts.

Problems involving the sensor

Air conditioners have this thermostat sensor that can be found right behind the control panel. This measures the temperature of the air that is coming into the evaporative coil. Should the sensor be inadvertently taken out of position, the unit could end up functioning erratically. Because of this, a professional should make sure that the sensor is positioned near the coil but not in direct contact with it.

Your air conditioning unit is an appliance that is vital to maintaining comfortable living conditions. Because of this, it needs to be serviced on a regular basis by trained and experienced professionals that companies, like the one you find at https://allclimates.com.au/, employ. Should it need any repairs, you should always make sure that those handling it have the know-how and expertise to effectively fix it.